Our Story

"At bidcoz, we are dedicated to developing software that makes raising funds, for a worthy cause, both easy and exciting. We use the latest technologies to give fundraising professionals, and their volunteer teams, the tools they need to build, promote, and manage successful fundraising campaigns. It's our small contribution to making the world a better place."

Donna Pokowitz, Founder

As a nonprofit professional, to raise money in these modern times, you have to keep up with technology. Your supporters get email, search the internet, make purchases, and conduct their business on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. You must provide an easy way for them to participate in your events, campaigns, and donate, at the touch of button. Keeping up with an ever changing landscape, like software, can feel daunting. That's why, at bidcoz, we make it our job to do the heavy lifting, keeping up with the latest trends and changes in technology so you don't have to.

Once upon a time...

With an extensive background in marketing, a growing interest in web development, and years of leadership and volunteering for a nonprofit, Donna Pokowitz had the great idea to build a software platform that would help nonprofits improve their ability to effectively market and raise funds for their organization. Donna felt that she could bring something that no one else could, a very clear understanding of what was needed, and a unique perspective on what makes software user-friendly. Thus, bidcoz was born in 2012.

Our research showed us that there are many companies offering fundraising software solutions. Most, if not almost all, are built and run by programmers. They are complicated, take a certain skill level, and a great deal of time to learn. Although many claim to be an all-in-one-solution, it's generally a solution to a single problem. As we all know, professional fundraisers run multiple campaigns and events a year, some simultaneously. They also manage supporters, volunteers, and the day-to-day requirements of managing a busy organization. With few people and small budgets, any small to mid-size nonprofit would find it difficult to take advantage of the technology available.

With these things in mind, we began the process of designing and building bidcoz. Bidcoz is a software platform that would fit the specific and unique needs of fundraising professionals. "As we developed bidcoz, we worked very closely with our customers, getting as much feedback as possible, learning what they liked, didn't like, and what they needed in their software program. We continue to do this every day, because we are always developing our software to be the best. We are proud to be a small boutique company, that provides an amazing product, as well as, very personalized service and support. Using technology, we help nonprofits make the most of the resources they have, both in people and budget." says Donna Pokowitz, Founder.

...let's work together, happily ever after.

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