“At Bidcoz, we are dedicated to developing software that makes raising funds both easy and exciting. We use the latest technologies to give fundraising professionals, and their volunteer teams, the tools they need to build, promote, and manage successful auctions and events. It’s our small contribution to making the world a better place.”

In a nutshell, Bidcoz is the best auction and event fundraising software on the market and, as an extra bonus, one of the most affordable. As a nonprofit professional, to raise money in these modern times, you have to keep up with technology. Your supporters get email, search the internet, make purchases, and conduct their business on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. They have come to expect participation to be as easy as a touch of a button. Keeping up with an ever changing landscape, like software, can feel daunting. Let Bidcoz do the heavy lifting, keep up with the latest trends, and provide you with the latest and greatest opportunities.

When dealing with big software companies, it’s rare to communicate with someone that actually has a thorough knowledge of the product and not reading from a script. At Bidcoz we pride ourselves on providing amazing customer support, we have a deep knowledge of our product, we are experts in fundraising so we can offer useful tips and advice and best of all… we combine all of that with southern hospitality.

Our office is located in Nashville, Tennessee. We serve nonprofit charities, foundations, schools, and others all across the United States.

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