Fundraising software shouldn’t require a long-term contract and here’s why. Software for fundraising is meant to help organizations big and small, non-profit and for-profit meet a goal, raise funds for a special project and create a seamless event. Using the software itself should not be more of an issue than the event. It is just a great tool to help reach a goal.

At BidCoz, our philosophy has been to be such a great software platform that customers choose to remain customers, they are not forced to commit to a multi-year contract. We have Terms of Service that every organization must agree to as part of signing up to use our software, but that’s just to make sure everyone follows the rules, but it is no obligation to use BidCoz. 

Customers subscribe to a BidCoz organization account and have access to their BidCoz software for 12 months, during which time, they can host as many campaigns and events as they like. BidCoz charges a small service fee based on sales through some components like auctions and tickets. This keeps the software affordable for any size nonprofit, because it’s based on usage.

The goal for an auction or event organizer is to find tools that are easy to use even for the most novice user. This is especially true with schools and non-profits who often have different organizers and chairs each year. The idea is to find software tools to help raise more for the cause. Contracts can cause extra expenses or worries for organizations. Having a simple service fee eliminates the issue for organizations which work one event, one year at a time. And offering ways to add fees to supporter carts can keep cost affordable by raising a little bit more to offset or completely cover service fees.

We know the goal of all of nonprofits is to raise money for a worthy cause. They want to create great campaigns and events to inspire their supporters but, they need to do it spending as little as possible so they can keep more for their cause. BidCoz is designed to be an all-in-one solution to make hosting these events exciting, fun, easy, and affordable. Options to add fees to supporters’ checkout cart makes BidCoz a very low-cost solution. Plus, BidCoz offers many components that are free. More bang for your buck!

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