How does the free trial work?
All new and potential customers start with a free trial account. This trial gives you (Admins) full access to the software. It is not accessible to the public until you have a pay for your software license. Upon receipt of payment, we will convert your account to active and you can continue to build your campaign(s). No credit card is required to start the trial.

What will I get when I purchase Bidcoz?
You will get 12 months access to the software with features based on your pricing plan.

After I get started, can I upgrade to a higher plan?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Just let us know and we’ll help you make the change.

How much does Bidcoz cost?
Please see the pricing page for complete details.

What happens if we raise more than the limit on a plan?
That would be a great thing to happen, and we certainly want to encourage you to raise as much as possible for your cause. That is the goal. If you go over your limit on a plan there are (2) options. 1) Upgrade to the next higher plan or 2) Incur a 5% service fee on funds raised over the allotted amount. You can choose whichever is more cost effective for you.

What is the difference between Online and Mobile Auctions?
In a nutshell, there’s no real difference other than the device the user is viewing your auction campaign on. If they are online or on a computer, they will see your campaign in a larger format. If they are using a smartphone, they will see it in a slightly different format that is specially designed to make navigation easier on a small screen. Your Bidcoz software handles this automatically. All of the auction’s functionality is the same regardless of how it is viewed.

How many people can use our Bidcoz subscription?
We do not limit the number of Admins, Managers, Volunteers or people on your team who can access your software. You decide accessibility, using the software’s Permissions feature. When it comes to number of users that can participate in your campaigns, we also do not put limits on that either. The more the merrier!

Will I raise more using Bidcoz software?
The goal with moving to software should be two-fold. 1) Make it easier 2) Raise more money. These two things go hand-in-hand. Because the software makes it easier for your team to manage the event, they should spend less time on busy-work and more time on things that help raise more money. This might include procuring more or better auction items, improving promotions to get more people to participate and/or buy tickets plus, soliciting bigger and better sponsors. Spending your time more effectively and making it easier and more fun for guests to participate, will help you raise more money. Customers who take full advantage of these software opportunities, on average, raise 25% or more moving from a fully manual auction event.

How do users receive notifications (text or email)?
By default, we send all notifications via email. However, users have the option to receive outbid and win notifications for your auction by text message. It’s as simple as entering their mobile number to start receiving texts. With that said, every user has a “Watch List” where they can quickly view and manage their bids without the need for messages at all.

Can we import our auction items?
Yes, you can import all of your auction items from a CSV formatted spreadsheet. Simply download the working spreadsheet from Bidcoz and add your list of items. Of course, images must be added separately for each item.

What if we have a large number of less than tech savvy supporters?
You would be very surprised by how tech savvy your supporters are, no matter their age. Pretty much everyone owns and uses a computer at this point, and has some degree of skill. Smartphones have been around for some time now and they have become easier and easier to use over the years. According to Pew Research roughly three-quarters of Americans own and use smartphones, with a similar percentage attributed to the 50+ segment. As long as your guests/supporters are capable of accessing the internet, via their smartphone, they will have no problem participating in your mobile event. Bidcoz makes it super easy by providing links that, when clicked, users go directly to your campaign and are logged in. In those rare cases when supporters need assistance, your Bidcoz software makes it easy for you to help them place bids and checkout.

Do we need WiFi at our onsite event?
We recommend having WiFi available at your event for your management/volunteer team only. To access and manage the backend of your software you need to use a laptop or tablet, which generally needs a WiFi connection. In a WiFi pinch, set up a hotspot with your smartphone. However, unless your event is in the woods or an underground bunker, guests will primarily use cell phone reception and will not need access to WiFi. Asking them to connect to WiFi is an unnecessary step that would only add a level of complication.

What does web-based software mean?
Our web-based software is hosted on our server and available to you, and your team, via the web. The software is not downloaded or stored on your computer. Everyone on your team can work together, at the same time. There is no need to transfer or share information because, when you make a change, everyone on your team will see that change immediately. With that said, you can download reports and data at any time to save a copy on your computer.

How does credit card processing work?
All credit cards are processed through our preferred merchant processor, Stripe. Sign up for a new Stripe account easily through Bidcoz or connect to an existing account. Your supporters will simply click “Pay with Card” in their Cart to checkout. You can also enter credit card payments manually in your Bidcoz software. You will know immediately that their payment has been processed in your Bidcoz software. Another option is to require a credit card be entered to participate. When you choose this option, guests will add their credit card before placing their first bid. You can also add this information for them through the ticket checkin process. All funds received, minus the processing fees, are automatically transferred to your bank account every 2 days or choose another option in Stripe.

In your experience, how do buyers generally feel about the “recover fees option”?
We find, given the option to decline, 50% or more of buyers will voluntarily pay the fees. They know that covering the cost benefits the cause they are supporting. When an organization requires the buyer to pay the fees, as long as the organization has made this additional cost clear up front, the buyer expects the fee and does not consider it any great burden. Offering the option to decline paying the fees gives them full control. When they choose to decline, the organization absorbs the fees.

Is there a fee for items paid offline (cash, check, or credit card)?
If you are accepting a credit card via Stripe, there is always a fee, regardless if the user checks out on their own or you enter their credit card information for them. This is simply a cost of doing business. However, if you accept cash or check, you mark the user paid manually and there are no processing fees.

Is there a contract?
No. We do not require a long term, or multi-year contract. A Bidcoz license lasts 1 full year to give you plenty of time to build, promote, manage, and report/account for one or more campaigns. We want you to use Bidcoz because you are happy and it’s the right platform for you and your fundraising team. When you create your organization account, you will agree to our Terms and Conditions. That’s enough for us! You can cancel your Bidcoz account at any time…however, we hope you love it and choose to use Bidcoz year-after-year.

How many auctions or ticket campaigns can we run during the year?
You can host and run as many campaigns as you like! There is no limit. And, you can build, manage, and promote them simultaneously even.

Can we import our existing contacts?
Yes, you can import contacts. However, we recommend inviting your existing contacts to visit your Bidcoz campaigns and ask them to signup themselves. This automatically adds them to your Contact list. This is a great way to promote your campaign/event and get new users on your campaign website. Bidcoz allows you to send promotional email to your existing contact lists without adding them to the software first.

Who owns the data and how is it used?
Everything you put into your Bidcoz software belongs to you. You can access it, and download it into report format, for as long as you have an active license. You can easily download Bidcoz data to import it into another platform, like your CRM. Bidcoz does not use the information for any purpose other than the functions of the site for you. If you cancel your license, you will have the opportunity to download your information prior to your account being closed. See the Privacy Policy in the footer for more information.

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