Assemble and mobilize a campaign in minutes.



With this single component, host an online, mobile, live, and/or silent auction. Build a beautiful online catalog and then let the software handle the bidding, outbid and win notifications (by text or email), and the checkout process.



Sell tickets to events using general admission, reserved, or assigned seating options.  Ticket levels can be singles, couples, or any number in a group.  Maintain all guest information in one easy-to-use platform.


Sponsor Ads

Offer special donors the opportunity to show their support with online ads.  You choose the size and price.  Sell as many as you like.  Ads rotate across the bottom of each page.  Use our add-on feature to connect a sponsor ad to a ticket purchase.



Make donating easy from your campaign homepage and encourage donations as guests checkout.  This component asks guests if they “Would you like to add a donation?”  It’s a great way to boost donations.


Paddle Raise

Raise money for a specific need with a Paddle Raise.  Allow guests to add their donation using their smartphone or simply enter the donations into the software to add the payment to their checkout cart.



Keep event guests informed and excited by projecting activities on a big screen or monitor during your event. Display auction activity, donations versus goals, and helpful bidding and checkout instructions.

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