The most important part in any campaign is engaging supporters.



Your event theme automatically carries through to all email that goes out during your campaign. Bidcoz automatically sends email notifications as users bid, buy, and checkout. This includes item donor receipts and payment receipts. Although these templates are pre-written, you can add your own custom information.
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Custom Email

Want to send out a promotional email to solicit donations, invite supporters, send an update, or follow up after your event? Easily create campaign themed custom email in Bidcoz. It’s as simple as writing an email or a letter in your word processing software. Choose who receives the email based on how they are participating in the campaign, or send to email addresses from an outside list.



Simply copy and paste HTML code to add call to action buttons to your organization’s website. It’s an easy way to provide website visitors with quick link to your campaign homepage, auction catalog, tickets page, fund drive, or any other fundraising component. These buttons are pre-designed to match your campaign theme.

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