Keep track of all supporter and campaign activities in one platform.



Our integrated Contact / Donor management (CM) system tracks and records all supporter activity. Keep track of what they donate or purchase, any email sent through Bidcoz, and use custom tags to sort into groups. Connect contacts with companies and make notes to remember important facts. Easily export data to import into your CRM via a CSV spreadsheet file.


Real-time Reporting

Your Bidcoz software is in the cloud, which means as activities take place, you and your team see those results in real-time. You’ll see just how well each of your campaigns, or fundraising components, are doing and can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.



What goes in can easily come out. All of the information in the Bidcoz system can be downloaded in a spreadsheet format. Use our pre-designed reports or edit to create the exact report you need. Easily upload information to another software platform, if necessary.

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