Compare Best Auction Software Pricing

Are you doing your research to compare auction software pricing, trying to find the best product at the best price? As you’ve probably noticed, it’s not “apples-to-apples”? Let’s get real….It’s more like every kind of fruit, but still in the fruit family! There are a lot of auction fundraising platforms…

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24 February 2018 in Fundraising, Tips, Volunteers

Managing volunteers

It’s one thing to learn a software program and procure auction items, it’s a totally different matter managing volunteers. Almost every non-profit relies upon volunteers, but never more heavily than when it comes to pulling together a big auction fundraiser. Organizing a great volunteer team can make or break your…

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Vacation homes and trips are often top earners in auctions.

What are the top auction items?

Let’s cut to the chase here: What is going to pull in the most money for your next auction or fundraiser? At Bidcoz, we’ve helped clients run many successful online auctions, live auctions and fundraising events. We looked at our top 50 highest priced items sold through Bidcoz and found…

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Our new check-in, check-out feature enhances your event from the beginning to the end.

Check in & out made easy

The last time I attended an auction fundraiser I actually hoped I would NOT win because I didn’t want to wait in the crazy check-out line/crowd when the event was over at 10:30 p.m. Not to mention, I knew it was cold in the entryway where the check-out tables were…

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Bidcoz auction planner

Planning your 2018 auction

Getting organized for any event is an uphill battle, especially when you’re dealing with an event inside an event such as a songwriter’s night with an accompanying auction or a fashion show with an accompanying auction or a gala dinner with an accompanying auction. I think you get the picture…

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