Bidcoz auction planner

Planning your 2018 auction

Getting organized for any event is an uphill battle, especially when you’re dealing with an event inside an event such as a songwriter’s night with an accompanying auction or a fashion show with an accompanying auction or a gala dinner with an accompanying auction. I think you get the picture…

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Storytelling can enhance a fundraising campaign.
6 November 2017 in Fundraising, Tips

Let storytelling help your event

“Most giving is 80% emotion and 20% rational and the best way to get someone’s emotions is to tell a story,” according to Giving USA 2017. Storytelling is an ancient way of connecting with people and passing down culture. When it comes to connecting with your donors – whether you’re…

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The “Ask”

“The Ask” is hard for many people. When it comes to auctions and fundraising of all kinds, the hardest volunteer positions to fill are procurement and solicitation. Because, let’s face it, the most daunting part of building a great auction or getting that big gift is asking for those great…

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Online shopping and auctions are familiar territory for today's customers and donors.
24 October 2017 in Fundraising, online shopping, Tips

Why get a software program to run an auction?

Today if you type the word “auction” into Google, you’ll find the results pull up dozens of sites where online auctions are happening. You can buy everything from a new house and a new car to livestock at an online auction. Someone even recently tried to auction off a Cubs…

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Fundraising software shouldn't break the bank.
16 October 2017 in Fundraising, Tips

Fundraising software shouldn’t break the bank

Fundraising software shouldn’t require a long-term contract and here’s why. Software for fundraising is meant to help organizations big and small, non-profit and for-profit meet a goal, raise funds for a special project and create a seamless event. Using the software itself should not be more of an issue than…

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