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  • 5% Usage Fee
  • 500 Contacts
  • Pass Forward Fees
  • All Features Included
  • Online Help Center
  • Best for Under $50k Raise




  • No Usage Fee
  • 2500 Contacts
  • Pass Forward Fees
  • All Features Included
  • Online Help Center +
  • Best for Over $50k Raise

Pricing Questions

Within your BidCoz software, you have the option to Pass Forward Fees to supporters.  This means asking them to pay an additional fee, in the form of a “Processing Fee”, to help you recover all or much of your costs related to BidCoz.  You can also add an additional fee to help cover Stripe credit card processing fees.

BidCoz gives you the option to cover all fees yourself, require that supporters pay an additional fee, or ask them to pay a fee but give them the option to decline.  We find that, even given the option to decline, 50-75% of supporters will pay the fee voluntarily.  They are, after all, supporting a worth cause, and it’s usually a small amount on an individual basis.

We use Stripe to process all credit cards.  Stripe is the industry standard in online credit card processing.  Stripe’s standard processing rate is 2.9% + .30 per transaction.  They do offer nonprofit rates.  You can require a credit card to participate in your auction or not.  

This is an option in your BidCoz software and you can decide whether or not you want to require a credit card to participate.  We recommend this choice, especially for online auctions, and if you want a quick checkout process.

The Stripe account is your own, which you can sign up for in your BidCoz software or connect to an existing account.  All funds are sent directly to your Stripe account.  Stripe is the industry leader and they reliably transfer funds to your bank/checking account 2 business days after they are received.

Yes, when supporters want to checkout via cash or check, you simply mark them paid in your software manually and BidCoz will send them a payment receipt.  When people pay by check or cash, you will save the credit card processing fee but you will still incur the BidCoz fee, if you are on the As-You-Go plan.

Yes, you can purchase additional blocks of contacts, if needed.  Contacts are not people who visit your site but those who register to participate in one or more of your fundraising campaigns.  Contacts are cumulative throughout the year.  

Yes, you can purchase Remote Tech Support for your event.  This service provides direct access to a BidCoz representative during the hours of your event.  Contact support@bidcoz.com for more information.

Both pricing plans include our Online Help Center, where you’ll get instruction, training, and answers quickly. Plus, means that you can schedule a call with a BidCoz representative for additional support.  With the Pay As You Go plan, you can also purchase this additional support as needed.  Contact support@bidcoz.com for more information.

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