Today if you type the word “auction” into Google, you’ll find the results pull up dozens of sites where online auctions are happening. You can buy everything from a new house and a new car to livestock at an online auction. Someone even recently tried to auction off a Cubs World Series Ring – it was later taken down. But you get the idea, auctions are all over the internet. People not only love them, but they know how they work and they use them to make purchases every day. So why should your fundraising auction be any different?

There are many reasons why using auction and fundraising software makes a lot of sense for nonprofits these days. Using software like BidCoz allows you to interact with supporters and get them excited early. People like to shop online, which is evident from how much of the retail market Amazon alone has taken over in recent years. It’s easy, fun, and convenient.  Your auction can take the lead from the retail industry and move online.

An online auction is designed to get bidders excited and keep them engaged throughout your auction. An auction catalog gives bidders and donors the feel of shopping. Not only do your items look great in photos, you can give them a detailed description, and promote the person or organization that donated the item, which can attract attention from other donors.  On average, customers raise 25% or more when they switch to online or mobile from an old-fashioned manual auction.

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. They are adept at using their phones and learn quickly when it comes to using new software, apps and program, especially millenials.  If a donor can click a link, they can access your auction.

On the management side, automated tasks that come with online auction software eliminate most of the busy work involved in managing an auction. BidCoz will send email receipts, generate reports, and even create bid sheets and invoices for you.  Not to mention, online auctions allow supporters to checkout online which streamlines the whole ending process of your auction, when can often be frustrating for donors.  They pay online and pick up their items, it’s truly that simple.

Auction and fundraising organizers can raise significantly more if they take full advantage of the software available through BidCoz with features such as the ability to:

  • sell sponsor ads.
  • solicit more and better auction items because of the online publicity item donors receive.
  • increase time available to spend on improving the auction and promoting to a wider audience.

Visit BidCoz for more information on how to host your own fundraising auction.

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